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"Rouge Roubaix is a true test of man and machine." -MITCHEVANS

We are excited to bring Rouge Roubaix back for another year with RRXXII on March 9th, 2024! This time around we are continuing to offer both short and long course options. With either course, riders should be prepared for a long day of mixed surface roads that include smooth pavement, bad pavement, Louisiana cobblestone, dirt, gravel, and a possible pinch of sand. The course will again resemble our traditional race route which highlights the signature sections. 

We want to thank EVERYONE that has participated, volunteered or worked with us over the years and spread the word about Rouge Roubaix. You are what continue to make it so special. Keep telling the tales, the Legend lives on!

WElcome to

Rouge Roubaix

A true spring classic 93 mile bike race that covers the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Feliciana’s. The race starts in St. Francisville, LA and travels north and west through the back roads of West Feliciana Parish and Wilkinson County, Mississippi. You will encounter a constantly rolling terrain, and a few climbs that will test all racers. The road surfaces will vary greatly. You will encounter chip and seal, sandy gravel, smooth as glass asphalt, and some roads that are just plain bad. This race is a classic test of man and his machine vs. the terrain and elements. It would be unfair to attempt to predict what type of weather to expect for the Rouge Roubaix. You should come prepared to battle 80 degree heat and Louisiana humidity (it’s worse than Houston). You should also come prepared to expect temperatures so low that your water bottles will freeze. And then again, if the cycling Gods are with us, we will get one of those perfect spring like days where it will be tough to break a sweat.


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Our athletes, ranging from all walks of life and all experience levels, can testify to the effectiveness of our training programs.   The simple fact that makes 4th Dimension stand out from the rest of the coaching programs is that we get just as excited about a client that achieves a PR at the back of the pack as one that wins a medal or trophy at the front.  Success is measured by the athlete!

Featured STORY



"This course challenges even the most experienced of cyclists."


"Rough terrain in the 100-mile Rouge Roubaix race frequently forces some cyclists off their bikes. Sunday’s race was no different."

TIMMUELLER for The New York Times

" Twelve miles and two major leg cramps later we hit the last and toughest dirt section of the race, six miles of hors-category steep and unrelenting hills – the Tunica Hills."


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