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BE AWARE! Rouge Roubaix will be limited to a total of 500 participants (combined short/full course)

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Back in 1999, a rider named Jon Anderson got the idea to start a group ride in his old stomping grounds around St. Francisville, Louisiana, West Feliciana Parish and Wilkinson County, Mississippi. Jon had been riding these roads since the early 80’s, as a form of escapism and reflection.

It wasn’t until the early 2000’s that the Rouge Roubaix shifted from being a group ride to a sanctioned event. Racers from all over the Southeast came out for promises of punchy, steep climbs, lots of gravel, scenic roads and yes, pain. It boasts 100 ish miles, with 30-40 miles of undulating gravel and dirt roads. 

This year we are running a Gran Fondo event on Saturday March 5th. There will be the option for the full 205km course or a 125km short course.  Both are going to be challenging for riders of any ability.

Riders from all over the country will gather in the sleepy Louisiana parish of West Feliciana and set out on a journey that carries them over some of the most horrendous road surfaces known to man.

The annual Rouge Roubaix cycle race has become a cult classic for racers and adventure seekers alike due to its length (over 100mi), roads ranging from bad to non-existent and some wicked steep climbs and breathtaking scenery - if you have time to actually look around!

Past Champions

1999 Rouge Roubaix I Ride

2000 Rouge Roubaix II Ride

2001 Rouge Roubaix III STIGSOMME

2002 Rouge Roubaix IV STEVENVIQUERIE

2003 Rouge Roubaix V NATHANBUSCH 

2004 Rouge Roubaix VI BRICEJONES

2005 Rouge Roubaix VII JASONSNOW 



2008 Rouge Roubaix X AARONBOYLESTON 

2009 Rouge Roubaix XI CHRISTIANHELMIG 

2010 Rouge Roubaix XII MATTHEWDAVIS 

2011 Rouge Roubaix XIII GREGKRAUSE 

2012 Rouge Roubaix XIV ADAMKOBLE 

2013 Rouge Roubaix XV TYMAGNER 


2015 Rouge Roubaix XVII WINSTONDAVID 

2016 Rouge Roubaix XVIII TRAVISMcCABE 

2017 Rouge Roubaix XIX THOMAS BROWN

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